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  • October S2 wood
  • October S2 wood G1
  • October S2 wood G1
  • October S1 wood G1
  • October S1 wood G1
  • October S2 chrome G1
  • October S1 chrome G1
  • October S1 chrome G1

product description

S1 - large table 600 x 350 x 1200 mm
S2 - small table 600 x 350 x 600 mm


Metal legs – flat bar with dimensions 40x12 mm.
- black (powder coated)
- metallic (powder coated)
- shiny chrome (chrome)
- satin chrome (chrome)

Wooden legs - width 40 mm, height 250mm. Standard colours of lacquer (H5, H6, H7, H8, H11, H12).

table top

Table top made of glued solid wood elements, thickness 30 mm. Variants:
- wooden
- wooden with glass insert (G1)


- standard
-- version (wood) - hard glides (for soft floors)
-- version (black, metallic, shiny, satin) - felt glides
- option
-- version (wood) - felt glides (for hard floors)

net weight

S1 - 24,5 kg
S1 wood - 18,5 kg
S2 - 13,0 kg
S2 wood - 9,0 kg

gross weight

S1 - 28,5 kg
S1 wood - 22,5 kg
S2 - 15,0 kg
S2 wood -11,0 kg

The measurements are approximate and can differ depending on the product configuration. Measuring methodology is available at this link:



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