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In 2000 we received a certificate of compliance of the Quality Management System with the ISO 9001 standard.

The most important element of the Quality Management System is customer orientation, meaning the identification of his/her needs and requirements and their best fulfillment. In our activity we employ the strategy of sustainable development. To ensure the attainment of the established goals in that respect we have implemented the Environmental Management System which enables us to tackle the issue of ecology in a comprehensive manner.

We supervise and improve processes within the company, in particular with respect to:


new products


in terms of planning, manufacturing
and product quality control

making purchases

by selecting the best suppliers
who meet our quality requirements


in particular, the process of accepting and processing orders as well as customer service


and post-guarantee service

Quality Management System confirmed by the ISO 9001 certificate guarantees that the standards applied by our company ensure that customers receive consistent, high quality goods in a timely manner.

We apply environmentally-friendly technologies. We have one of the most modern chrome coating facilities in Central Europe operating in pro-ecological Chrom III technology. In the paint shop we use eco-friendly powder paint with relevant certificates. We cooperate with a company specializing in the recovery of metals from waste generated in the process of electroplating.
Materials and resources used in the manufacturing process, apart from meeting quality criteria, cannot exceed the permitted content of compounds harmful to people and the environment, which is confirmed by relevant certificates.
During the design and manufacturing stage we make sure to limit the amount of waste. Such measures as computer cutting of textiles and leather as well as the purchase of materials of specific dimensions serve that purpose.
One of our main goals is to reduce the consumption of electricity. In order to attain that goal we introduced a number of technical and organizational solutions and our employees undergo relevant training. (read more)
For many years we have been running a waste sorting program and waste is handed over only to authorized entities. We promote waste segregation among our employees and in the company’s surroundings.
We identify and supervise places in which a breakdown causing environmental consequences may occur.

Pro-ecological approach

We want to ensure that our company is developing in the spirit of respect for the natural environment. For this reason we have implemented the Environmental Management System
based on the ISO 14001 standard and all our principles and goals have been inscribed in the Quality and Environment Policy.
We undertake multidirectional measures which consist in self-improvement initiatives as well as promoting environmentally friendly principles. We established rules of conduct on the premises of our company addressed to Suppliers. (read more)
We have a FSC® certificate which means that wood-derived raw materials that are used in the manufacturing process come from responsible and supervised silviculture.
Active involvement of our company in the process of by-product recovery and the protection of the natural environment is confirmed by the Recycling Certificate.
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Möbelfakta is one of the most restrictive standards on the Northern European market and obtaining a certificate gives a manufacturer much greater opportunities when offering its products in the public space, reserved only for the holders of the said document. The certification process is lengthy and extremely demanding, and the products certified must meet the highest requirements for durability and safety, environmental care and social responsibility. In order to obtain a Möbelfakta certificate, a whole range of requirements must be fulfilled: from special employee training through to the collection and submission of the complete documentation proving that the strict requirements have been met.

Profim became the first company producing office seats in Poland, which has obtained the above-mentioned certificate for selected families from its collection. Moreover, every new product implemented in Profim should meet the requirements of the Möbelfakta standard. Marking the products with the Möbelfakta certificate will significantly contribute to raising the company's position on the difficult and demanding market of Northern Europe.


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