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Partnership with Vzór

Vzór was set up in 2012 with the mission to discover, revive and spread the legacy of Polish design through serial production of the most iconic models. The brand's first discovery were the 1950s designs of Roman Modzelewski, a painter, sculptor, experimenter and a former long-standing chancellor of the Academy of Art in Łódź. His innovative armchair RM58 had been known mostly to the visitors of London's Victoria & Albert Museum. Despite garnering praise and being featured in several period films, the prototype never became a marketed product owing to the socio-economic and political circumstances in the post-war socialist Poland.


As an advocate of the idea of reviving vintage industrial design and supporters of young entrepreneurs, Profim decided to become a professional investor of the Vzór brand. Being involved in the launch of the RM58 soft, RM57 and RM56 armchairs, we have contributed our design, technology and production potential.

It is not, however, just about merely recreating the models from the past but about redesigning the originals to align them with new materials while respecting the patent and copyrights and using cutting-edge manufacturing technologies.


RM58 matte

Thanks to use of the rotomolding technology RM58 is available in matt suitable for outdoor use.

Available in: red, black, white, grey, orange, turquoise, milky white (half-transparent), olive green, green.


RM58 composite

A version of the armchair which faithfully follows the historical 1958 design, produced by using modern composites that are the contemporary equivalents of polyester and glass laminates used by Modzelewski. RM58 classic compositeis limited edition of RM58, manufactured manually at a shipyard using yacht and boat production technologies. To ensure exceptional durability, the armchair is covered with a coloured resin layer (gelcoat) that guarantees long use.
Available in: red, black, white, yellow, green.



RM57 is an expression of passion for abstract forms, key to art and design by Roman Modzelewski. It stands out from the furniture by this author for its exploration of composition, with the primacy of geometry of forms using simple diagonal lines. Design thinking resulted in a formally attractive and comfortable single upholstered seat by Modzelewski. Work on the seat form led to introduction of many modifications invisible to the eye but important from the perspective of ergonomics and performance. Complete redesign of the seat manufacturing technologies, in particular its internal structure, enabled us to offer a product faithful to the original that at the same time guarantees surprising comfort.

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