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News 2017

Beautifully functional
We believe that beauty and functionality are two sides of the same coin, two inseparable concepts. That is why our products are never a compromise – they are simply beautifully functional. Next year, we will launch 7 new collections designed by Christophe Pillet, Paul Brooks and ITO Design.
For more information about upcoming collections see catalogue (pdf).

Violle (design: ITO Design)

is a premium product in the office-chair segment. Its warm and home-like personality is characterized by soft and organically flowing lines. Its high-quality aluminium back frame creates a harmonious line that flows seamlessly into the armrests, which gives Violle that special look and feel. It comes with an innovative synchro mechanism and easily accessible controls that have been fully integrated with the seat to create a smooth, aesthetically pleasing form.
The collection will be available for sale from Q1 2018.

Chic (design: Christophe Pillet)

is a showcase of light design and refined forms – key concepts in less formal but still elegant spaces, such as cafés, restaurants, welcome zones and office or hotel lobbies. With subtle section lines and simple shapes the chairs from the Chic collection clearly make a statement without dominating the space they are in. The collection includes chairs on a thin metal frame or on wooden legs, as well as armchairs on a swivel base with an auto-return function, best for relaxation areas.

Chic Air (design: Christophe Pillet)

is a light line distinguished by exquisite, minimalist design. Compact chairs and benches are subtle and out of the ordinary at the same time, which makes them the perfect furniture for meeting spaces. Similarly styled but lower, the armchair also constitutes an example of light design that best suits less formal but elegant rooms. Chic Air is a feast for the eyes for those who value uniqueness in furniture.

Mickey (design: ITO Design)

is the answer to this new style of work, introducing original design and working environment that is more relaxed. One of its most distinct features is the sideway tilt which enables the seat to follow the position of the user. The wide range available in terms of height adjustment allows you to adapt the product to your current needs and use it as a classic low stool or standing aid.

Nu Spin (design: Paul Brooks)

is the latest addition to the Nu family of tub chairs. Neat and elegant its shell gives all-round comfort and support. Nu Spin is especially useful for smaller spaces in need of comfortable compact seating. The ‘spin’ feature has an auto-return function. The attractive leather panel detail is integral to the design protecting the most vulnerable areas from wear.

SoftBox (design: Paul Brooks)

The line consists of two- and three-seater sofas, armchairs, corner units and tables. All these elements can be easily combined to meet the current needs of the users; whether it is an elegant lobby we want to create, a functional, design-like space for official meetings or relaxation zone in a company, SoftBox is ideal. A new feature of the collection are the upholstered acoustic screens. They can go with any SoftBox element with a backrest, extending the existing arrangement options. With the new screens, spaces can also be easily divided into separate, isolated meeting areas,or in contrast, places for tranquillity and relaxation.

Com (design: Paul Brooks)

multi-purpose office chair range was designed with versatility and convenience in mind. The simple plywood monoshell is available in three shapes and various wood and HPL finishes, it is gently contoured and there are upholstery options which give Com an extra level of comfort. Com is available in five frame choices to fit a variety of applications. It is suitable for many environments such as lecture theatres, meeting rooms and cafeterias.

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