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The Violle is a premium office chair that attracts attention with its elegant design and tasteful, noble form. Its simple but impressive aluminium frame merges the backrest and seat into a harmonious unity.

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AccisPro is a chair that takes care of our spine, while pleasing the eye with its modern design. The backrest and seat both adjust to the involuntary movements of our body in the sitting position, thanks to which the chair follows every movement, taking care of our correct posture. This innovative solution is known as "active sitting".

Chic Lounge

Chic Lounge is another project from Profim, the third in the series after Chic and Chic Air, by that great French designer, Christophe Pillet. The creation process retained both the designer’s distinctive style as well as the sophisticated elegance characteristic of the Profim brand.

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The new hanger by Tomek Rygalik fits perfectly into modern interiors and gives every room a distinctive character. The originality of the design results directly from the tools used during the manufacturing processes. The basic structural element is a metal column, tightened and bent using the most modern steel processing technologies, while the three legs guarantee stability.


AcosPro is a modernized version of the well-known and valued Acos conference chair. This can function successfully almost anywhere - whether in a conference room, company office or government office. Thanks to its light form, delicate cross-sections and precision, the chairs still look elegant in the rooms of high-level managers.


What would it be like to feel at home while at the office? This is possible, with chairs from the ElliePro collection. They allow us to sit in them as freely as in an armchair, while retaining all the advantages of office chairs, such as the intuitive Self mechanism built into the seat. This collection is proof that we can combine functionality with convenience, and a non-obvious appearance, balancing precision workmanship with attention to aesthetics.


Unpretentiously designed swivel chair, perfect in its simplicity. No complicated mechanisms and multiple functions are required to meet the needs of users. At work, we sit less and less at our desk for eight hours, and change position and place more and more frequently. TrilloPro will accommodate every user in the office or co-working space.


The novelty in the Chic collection are the barstools, which are available in a version with and without an armrest. There are versions available on a thin metal frame, on wooden legs or on a flat round base.
Collections Nine, ElliePro, TrilloPro, AcisPro, AcosPro, Chic chair without armrests, Chic bar stool, Violle visitor chair with armrests are currently in development – available in 2019.

Please note that product specifications may change during the development process.
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