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  • Olo 11E metallic 2P
  • Olo 11E metallic 2P
  • Olo 11E metallic
  • Olo 11E metallic
  • Olo 11H metallic 2P castors
  • Olo 11H metallic 2P glides
  • Olo 11H metallic glides
  • Olo 11H black glides
  • Olo 11H black castors
  • Olo
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Olo is a family of light office chairs that are perfect for small and movable work places. The family belongs to SOHO style (small office – home office), which makes the chairs suitable both for offices and home desks or tables. Olo meets ergonomic requirements and allows for dynamic position changes of the working person. The chair has an invisible hollow in the seat and the backrest is properly shaped, which makes the user sit in the correct upright position.

Available models include swivel chairs with a pneumatic lift and conference chairs with legs (on castors or feet). Each model can be additionally provided with armrests. Light, easy-to-move and simple-to-store, they are a great solution for mobile offices, which must be quickly adaptable to the current needs of the working team, and for home office areas.

product description

11E - swivel
11H - conference (castors/glides)


Economic - adjustment of seat height


Five-star base made of metal tube.
- black (powder coated)
- metallic (powder coated)


Metal tube fi 22 mm.
- black (powder coated)
- metallic (powder coated)


Integral part of frame. Polypropylene pad.

castors / glides

- standard - hard castors
- option - soft castors
- standard - hard glides (for soft floors)


Made of beech plywood; cut foam - density 35 kg/m3.


Made of beech plywood; cut foam - density 35 kg/m3.

net weight

- 11E – 8,5 kg
- 11E 2P – 9,5 kg
- 11H – 6,5 kg
- 11H 2P – 7,5 kg

gross weight

- 11E – 10,5 kg
- 11E 2P – 11,5 kg
- 11H – 11,5 kg
- 11H 2P – 12,5 kg


3 pcs

additional information

Joining in rows

The measurements are approximate and can differ depending on the product configuration. Measuring methodology is available at this link:

Classic Collection (02_2017).pdf
Classic Collection (02 2017)
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