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The Pelikan is the effect of thinking about designing furniture in an unfettered and creative way. The organic shape of the armchair is excellent for places were one needs to sit for longer periods of time: a library, a conference room, a reception room... The Pelikan draws attention to its original shape, is a solution for those interiors where any free space is invaluable. The lower part of the seat is fitted with a space on which one can place a book, a laptop or a bag.

The collection consists of:
- 4 legs armchair
- 4 legs armchair on castors
- cantilever armchair
- swivel, round base armchair
- swivel, 4-star base armchair

Collection is available in two variants - with or without armrests.

The collection was recognised with the Red Dot Award 2015 in the most prestigious competition in the world of design.

“Designing is not about giving form. It is about searching it. I often search for it in nature. I try to give softness and smoothness to objects. Pelicans' original form has always appealed to me. I expressed the role of the beak in a value represented by the seat.”

 Przemysław Mac Stopa, designer.


Mac StopaPelikan designer

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