List of realizations

Enel-Med - Arkadia

On the occasion of Children's Day, the Enel-Med children's outpatient clinic, designed by the renowned architectural firm Archimed, officially opened its doors in the shopping mall. This modern facility, the largest of its kind from Enel-Med, offers comprehensive healthcare for the youngest patients, situated in the heart of Warsaw's Westfield Arkadia complex. In addition to pediatricians, the clinic provides care from specialists such as neurologists, ophthalmologists, laryngologists, orthopedists, psychologists, and diabetologists. 

The interiors of the clinic, crafted in collaboration with the Archimed design office, stand out not only for their functionality but also for their warm and welcoming atmosphere. The bright color palette, featuring warm tones of yellow and soft blue as envisioned by Archimed, harmonizes with the playful cartoon motifs adorning the walls, adding to the overall charm. 

The realization of the interior design was made possible through a partnership with furniture distributor Vip Service, which provided high-quality products from Profim, among others. Pieces like Revo, Violle, ElliePro, Nu 20HW not only enhance the aesthetics but also ensure comfort for both patients and medical staff.