Technology park

Innovative thinking and new technologies

Our furniture is produced in the very heart of Poland, in the Flokk factory in Turek. It is also the most important production plant within the Scandinavian group. We maintain the highest quality standards and attention to detail of our furniture.

Highly qualified staff and access to new technologies located in the technology park at the factory help us constantly develop and achieve quality. Get to know the places that are crucial in the production of our furniture.

ETON is a modern solution used in large sewing rooms around the world. It improves our daily work flow. It allows components to move between the cutting machine, the sewing station, and the warehouse. Thanks to this, we have greater control at individual stages of production.

The implementation of the ASTOR assembly line has improved work efficiency, standardization and strengthened our safety requirements. The new solution, i.e. specially designed platforms on which the components arrive in baskets straight to the employees, has significantly improved the efficiency of the process.

It is here that all chairs and armchairs realised by us undergo strength, stability, and safety tests. Special machines subject products to multiple load tests, simulating intensive use. The parameters obtained in this way must comply with the standards used in the European Union. Furniture is tested both at the implementation stage and during production. In addition, when applying for product certificates, we also test them in independent laboratories, such as TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH.

A qualified team supervises the process of pouring polyurethane foams by injection. Foams are used to make seats, backrests, and other elements. Automatic pouring machines allow you to produce individually designed, ergonomically shaped and load-resistant elements. Thanks to precisely selected parameters, we can directly affect the quality and comfort of our products.

Our factory encompasses three warehouses where both components and finished products are stored. The high-bay warehouse stores mainly semi-finished products and components, the G10 warehouse holds upholstery, while the last one houses finished products ready to go to our customers. We are constantly developing and expanding our warehouse capacity, which has a direct impact on improving the processes of component delivery, unloading and control of goods.