Simple classic.


Ana chair is a popular and appreciated choice throughout the European market. Designed by the renowned industrial designer Tias Eckhoff, it seamlessly fuses simplicity with good ergonomics and is famously versatile fitting in anywhere. Ana brings freshness to assembly halls, canteens, meeting rooms, and cafeterias. It is easy to position in rows and stack, offering convenience. Available in a wide range of colors for both the polypropylene shells and the steel tubular frames, Ana allows various customization option.

By combining aesthetic appeal, functionality, and versatility, Ana has become a top choice for various settings. Its popularity and success are a testament to its well-thought-out design and ability to meet the needs of different environments.

Tias Eckhoff

Collection designer

Eckhoff is one of Norway’s most versatile designers and the creator of several design classics. He is a pioneer in the field of industrial design, embodying the Scandinavian design movement and the concept of crafting beautiful and functional everyday objects for people.

Eckhoff completed his education in ceramic arts at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, graduating in 1945. Over the years, he has worked with a variety of materials, designing items ranging from porcelain and cutlery to furniture.