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There are pieces of furniture that do not age - constantly appreciated, with a timeless design that fits perfectly into any interior. Fan is an elegant, comfortable and at the same time very distinctive armchair - with a detail of a semi-circular seam. This is our most recognizable model on the market. Piotr Kuchciński designed it with both offices and home spaces in mind. 

Piotr Kuchciński

Collection designer

Piotr Kuchciński. Architect (born in 1968) - Faculty of Architecture at Poznań Technical University, graduated in 1993. He co-operates with one of Poznan architect offices working on urban designs, as well as concepts of housing estates and public buildings. He also designs houses and house interiors. Besides, he deals with graphic designing and illustrates books.
Case studies
SSE Technopolis
Akwawit Hotel
Pepeliaev Group