Brings life to space 


Noor is a collection of meeting, conference and canteen chairs with high ergonomic comfort.  It exudes sophistication with its sleek, minimalist and contemporary aesthetic. The collection features a wide seat and backrest ensuring a pleasant seating experience. Offers fusion of elegance, comfort and modern design combined with endless possibilities for customization.

It comes in 4 different types of base: 4 - leg, sledgebase, footbase, wooden legs and stool. Seat of it can be upholstered in fabrics or premium leather, providing a soft and indulgent feel. 

Design by StokkeAustad, Form Us With Love, Susanne Grønlund Design and Flokk design team

Collection designer

The Noor collection is a remarkable collection born out of a collaborative design effort between esteemed designers from different Nordic countries. The innovative minds behind this collection include Form Us With Love from Sweden, StokkeAustad from Norway, Susanne Grønlund/Grønlund Design from Denmark, and the talented design team at Flokk.

Each designer brings their unique perspectives, expertise, and creative vision to the Noor collection, resulting in a harmonious blend of ideas and influences.

Case studies
Modernization of the Hasselt University Library
Trondheim Rehabilitation Centre