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And the Red Dot goes to… Chic Lounge!

And the Red Dot goes to… Chic Lounge!

Chic Lounge received the Red Dot Award in the Product Design 2019 category. This is the fifth Red Dot Award in the history of Profim’s history.
Red Dot is one of the most prestigious awards in the world of design. The international jury, guided by the motto of “in search of good design and innovation”, once again decided to appreciate our product.

Chic Lounge is distinguished by an elegant, distinctive shape with well-defined aesthetics. There is no exaggeration, no unnecessary elements in the design. It is stylish, soft and flowing. It attracts attention but its expressive aesthetics is embodied not only in the appearance of the chair itself. It also involves the way in which the human body is arranged on it – with its naturalness and elegance. Analogies can be found in the fashion world because Chic Lounge acts like a properly selected outfit that changes our attitude. It makes us start behaving differently, with more confidence and elegance. When sitting on the Chic Lounge, we feel that our body is almost levitating in the air, naturally fusing with it and forming one continuous whole. From the very beginning, the designer wanted the bucket-like shape to allow its users to relax in a comfortable setting.

Christophe Pillet considers the relation between the product and man and their environment to be of utmost importance. Chic Lounge fits perfectly into any interior, constituting an ideal solution for a new generation of employees emerging in business. Those are people launching start-ups and searching for well-designed, tasteful products at a good price. People who need less technical and more user-friendly products, allowing to create an unconventional atmosphere in the workplace, at a hotel lobby or simply at home. This is Chic Lounge – comfortable, functional as well as unpretentious and natural.

As winner of the Red Dot Award, this chair will certainly become one of the solutions that set trends in design in the nearest future.

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