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Changing the company name. Profim remains as a brand.

Changing the company name. Profim remains as a brand.

A few days ago, our company underwent a small, yet significant, change. On 4 January 2021, the name of Profim sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Turek changed to Flokk sp. z o.o.
Profim is remaining as a brand on the market and joining the Flokk house of brands. This is the next stage of integration with Flokk. The change is purely formal and does not affect our daily business.

With our enthusiasm and local pride, we will continue to strengthen and develop the Profim brand, which we have been building together for 30 years. The separation of the brand name (Profim) and the company name (Flokk sp. z o.o.) will also allow us to produce models of other group brands in our plant in the future.

The registered office address, NIP and REGON numbers as well as the KRS number remain unchanged. The above change of the company name will not affect the validity and continuity of legal relations between Profim sp. z o.o. and third parties, in particular contracts concluded with the company.

New company data:
Flokk sp. z o.o.
NIP: 6680000366
KRS: 0000132487
Regon: 003742624
Address: ul. Górnicza 8, 62-700 Turek, Poland

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