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New assembly line in Profim

New assembly line in Profim

The Profim factory was created by brave and creative people, employing qualified and committed specialists. The Flokk Group, which is the new owner of the company, and whose standard is a high industrialisation and automatisation of factories, continues the mission of modernising the facility.

Referring to the fire that hit Profim – only a part of the production was destroyed. The other departments of the company work undisturbed, including new assembly line. The scale and complexity of the project is perfectly presented by the fact that the work on the implementation and verification lasted for nearly a year. The main aim of the project was to increase the efficiency of the process, to improve the ergonomics, standardisation and flexibility of work, and to raise the safety standards. The element which makes the new line different than other manufacturing cells is a set of specially designed platforms on which the basic components are delivered to employees (which minimises losses and stabilises the entire process).

The line consists of 4 material packing areas, 6 assembly stations (expandable to 9–12) and a packing area. Currently, 5 main products in the swivel chair segment are assembled on the line, including: LightUp and Xenon.

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