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We are connected!

We are connected!

In watching the changes taking place in office and public space design, we can observe that flexible and customer-tailored solutions are in ever greater fashion. What is worth noting is that office space today largely involves soft seating furniture, often also featured in open spaces, front offices and corridors, contributing to the creation of positive channels for interpersonal communication. It is now popular to built in chargers these forms of furniture to boost their functional potential. This type of solution changes the way we look at meeting spaces, and makes the furniture much more useful.

As a response to these trends, we have equipped some of our soft seating furniture collections with mediaports, including a power outlet and two USB ports. With an elegant panel that can be moved manually, the new feature can be covered when not in use. The furniture equipped with such a solution does not spoil the aesthetics of their location, and further enhances their functionality.
Collections which have mediaports as an option are as follows: Soft Box, Up Down, Vancouver Lite, Vancouver Oto and Wall In.

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