Design By 
Paul Brooks
Ideal for spaces that require compact solutions. It will prove useful both in offices and hotel lobbies. The Nu model, designed by Paul Brooks, is an armchair with the right proportions and an organic shape that adds elegance to the interior. It was made of the best quality materials.
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Collection features
  • the inner and outer sections of the shell may have different coloured fabrics 
  • the shell is mounted on several types of bases 
  • the cushion will increase the comfort of rest 
  • Möbelfakta certificate - a guarantee of durability, safety, environmental care and social responsibility during the production process 
Technical specifications

product version

20F - swivel armchair, small shell, 4-leg base


Four-star aluminium base.


– chrome (polished aluminium)


  • Teflon glides - universal (set)
  • Felt glides - for hard floors (set)


Metal frame; cold molded foam - density 85 kg/m3 - for shell and 70 kg/m3 - for cushion on the seat.


  • standard - gas lift without memory
  • option - gas lift with memory

net weight

12,0 kg

gross weight

15,0 kg

additional information

Option of mixing colours of the same fabric according to below scheme:

A - cushion on the seat

B - inner part of shell  colour

C - outer part of shell colour

Product dimensions

Nu fotel Profim - Wymiary

Dimensions of other models in the collection:

Nu fotel Profim - Wymiary Nu fotel Profim - Wymiary Nu fotel Profim - Wymiary Nu fotel Profim - Wymiary Nu fotel Profim - Wymiary

3D files

Organic chair in a compact size