Design By 
Markus Berenwinkel ITO Design, 
Christopher Schmidt - ITO Design
Mickey, a design by ITO Design studio, meets all requirements of modern and flexible workspaces. Supports work in standing or semi-standing position. In addition, encouraging movement and keeping muscles tight. It perfectly fits into spaces that change their arrangement depending on the needs.
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Collection features
  • It is a unique combination of a pouffe and a swivel stool with height adjustment. 
  • totally intuitive and easy to use 
  • provides support by tilting from side to side (range of 10 degrees in each direction)
  • three colours of plastic parts 
  • Möbelfakta certificate - a guarantee of durability, safety, environmental care and social responsibility during the production process 
Technical specifications

product version

stool, swivel with height adjustment and sideway tilt 10°


Base is made of plastic.


  • light grey (RAL 7047)
  • grey (RAL 7043)
  • beige (RAL 7036)

The sides of the base can be made of:

  • the same fabric as the seat;
  • plastic in the same colour as the rest of plastic elements.


Rubber-steel wrist allowing side movement up to 10 °.

gas lift

High adjustment range 330 mm.

Plastic elements and the cover of the gas lift are made of different materials; therefore their colour might vary slightly.


  • Teflon glides - universal


Wooden frame flooded with cold molded polyurethane foam - density 78 kg/m3

Handle for height adjustment is always made of the same fabric as the rest of the seat.

net weight

11,5 kg

gross weight

13,5 kg

Product dimensions

3D files

Active work while
sitting and standing