Cleanliness, Quality, and Good acoustics in the Education and Healthcare Sectors

The furniture industry, with Profim leading the charge, is ceaselessly innovating to satisfy the stringent requirements of educational and medical facilities, particularly in the realms of hygiene and cleanliness. A breakthrough that has paved the way for new possibilities is the development of easy-clean fabrics.

Leveraging innovative technologies, these fabrics are designed not only to resist dirt and permit effortless cleaning but also to ensure enduring durability. This leads to cost savings for institutions as there is no frequent need for furniture replacement. From our collection, notable mentions include:


  • Velvet - Velour fabric enhanced with an easy-clean coating (standard)
  • Halcyon - A hydrophobic fabric treated with antibacterial and easy-clean coatings (extended)
  • ValenciaSilvertex- Vinyl fabrics fortified with Permablok 3, a shield against germs, abrasions, and stains (standard and extended)
  • Select - Wool with an inherent protective layer (standard)


For instance, in wool fabrics like Select, lanolin, a natural oil found in sheep's hair, is preserved throughout the production process. In nature, it shields the sheep from harsh weather. In the fabric industry, it ensures that even major spills stay on the surface, allowing for easy wipe-offs – a benefit derived without chemical treatments, making it wholly natural!

Moreover, certain fabrics are known for their acoustic features, contributing to a peaceful environment for patients, medical personnel, and fostering conducive learning atmospheres. It's pivotal to consider fabrics that undergo specialized certification, confirming that it meets acoustic standards and proficient sound control. Noteworthy from our collection are:


  • Select - Certified for sound absorption (EN 29053 & ISO 9053-1 standards) (standard)
  • Steelcut - A sound-absorbent fabric meeting the EN ISO 9053-1 standard (standard)
  • Tonal - Another fabric certified for sound absorption (EN 29053 & ISO 9053-1),


Tonal is the newest member of our expanding eco-friendly Profim fabric range (extended). It boasts a subtle yet pronounced look, exceptional performance, and supreme stretchability. Crafted from recycled polyester, Tonal has secured both Oeko-Tex and EU Ecolabel certifications, underscoring its environmental compatibility.

However, fabric isn't the sole focus!

When it comes to wooden components, diverse finishing materials come into play. Have you come across the acronyms CPL and HPL? These are laminates commonly used in the interior industry, including furniture. CPL (Continous Pressed Laminate) and HPL (High Pressure Laminate) are two popular types of laminates used in the furniture industry. CPL is produced by continuously pressing layers subsequently rolled onto substantial rolls.

Contrarily, HPL is produced by pressing layers under high pressure and high temperature, which creates a more compact and harder surface than CPL. Owing to this reinforced structure, HPL laminate stands superior in terms of resistance to physical damage such as scuffs, impacts, and abrasion. It has also prolonged color fidelity and longevity, meaning that HPL-adorned furniture remains visually appealing for extended durations.

And that's why we exclusively use HPL at Profim!

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