Discover the Essence of Comfort and Design with Xenon and Xenon Net

Elevate your workspace with our Xenon and Xenon Net office chair collections, a creation of ergonomic excellence designed by the renowned German ITO Design studio. Crafted to redefine your office experience, they stand out as one of our best-selling chairs, combining unparalleled comfort with a sophisticated aesthetic.

Why & how Xenon and Xenon Net is essential for workspaces?

Innovative Lumbar Support

Xenon and Xenon Net are known for their patented lumbar support - Smart ADLS (Additional Dynamic Lumbar Support). This feature allows the geometry of the entire backrest to be adjusted to perfectly match the user's back anatomy.

Versatile Mechanisms

The use of the standard Synchro mechanism in Xenon and Xenon Net is a synchronous adjustment that helps to adjust the back and seat simultaneously, which reduces pressure on the thigh area, improving blood circulation and making sitting more ergonomic.


Fully Adjustable Comfort

Xenon and Xenon Net goes beyond the ordinary with fully adjustable armrests and a headrest, allowing you to customize your seating preferences for maximum comfort during those long hours at the desk.

Tailored Backrest Options

Choose from the classic upholstery of Xenon or embrace the breathability of the Xenon Net version with a mesh backrest. Both options offer uncompromising support while adding a touch of style to your workspace.

Xenon and Xenon Net aren't just a chair; they are a commitment to your well-being and productivity. 

Your office space is more than just a place to work; it's an environment that profoundly influences your well-being and productivity. Profim's Xenon and Xenon Net office chair are not just a seating solution; it's a key element in crafting a workspace where comfort meets functionality. 

Crafting Your Productive Oasis

Deliberate attention to various spaces within the office is paramount for creating an environment that resonates with the diverse needs of your employees. This thoughtful approach extends beyond mere aesthetics, delving into the realms of functionality and psychological well-being, ultimately fostering a workplace that champions both individual focus and collaborative efforts. 
In today's dynamic work landscape, collaboration is key. Incorporating open meeting areas, brainstorming zones, or shared worktables encourages teamwork and idea exchange. These spaces serve as hubs for creativity, allowing for a free flow of communication and collective problem-solving.
Your workspace should be a haven that inspires creativity and fosters a productive mindset. Xenon and Xenon Net go beyond being a chair; it's a partner in creating an office space where comfort, functionality, and style harmonize to elevate your work experience.

Invest  in the transformation of your office space with Xenon and Xenon Net. Experience the perfect blend of comfort, functionality, and aesthetics as you redefine your workspace to reflect your professional ethos.