Dormitories for Gen Z

How students live changes with each new generation, but according to University Business, the change in student dormitories has never been as visible as it is now. Two things have had a major impact: the expectations of Generation Z and...the pandemic.

A decade ago, University Business, an American website that tracks the higher education industry, identified trends in dormitories as: high standard, privacy, privatisation, combining social life with studying, security and the "go green" attitude. These trends have remained in place and student life of the iGeneration has gained a completely new setting. Modern, often private, dormitories are no longer just dormitories, they are second homes for decerning young people.

What was once considered a luxury, is now standard: interior design, intimate rooms, gender tolerance, WiFi access, private bathrooms and kitchens, parking lots, rubbish segregation, and entertainment and integration areas. A model example is the Polish campus Akademik Collegia in Gdańsk or Student Depot, which are a mix of spaces for learning, entertainment and everyday life.

"When creating the Akademik Collegia dormitory, we carefully took into account the age, needs and habits of our future residents. We provided comfortable conditions conducive to both learning and spending free time. There is a fitness zone and learning and relaxation zones” – say the creators, who also took care of basic advantages, i.e. the ergonomics of students’ work.

Of utmost importance is the space where time is spent studying, the lighting, acoustics, ventilation and above all- the chair and desk. Desks usually come in a standard height, more is expected from the chair, which should adapt to weight and height. "It's not easy to find a chair that's affordable, comfortable and easy enough to adjust to constantly rotate between different users”.

When our partner in Sopot - BALMA Sopot, supplier of furniture to the new dormitory, was looking for a suitable chair for the interiors of the Gdańsk Collegia Dormitory, we proposed our TrilloPro armchair, which is very easy to adjust, adapts to a user's weight and is also reasonably priced.

The chair has a gentle design by ITO Design and the Environmental Blue Angel certificate – says Magda Borowiec, Marketing Director at Profim and adds: – At Profim we believe that we get the best efficiency when we work in a friendly place, which means not only comfort, but also ease of use and beauty, which is why we are pleased to see how TrilloPro performs in dormitories, which, after all, are a place where communities and lifelong friendships are formed.

Quite simply a fun space!

Recent times have been extremely challenging for students. According to this year's Strada Education Network report "Student Challenges in 2020," access to a space conducive to hybrid study was one of the biggest concerns, right next to stress and loneliness and the hardship of supporting oneself in college.

Modern dormitories turned out to be a good asylum: small rooms were conducive to maintaining sanitary rigor, but also helped focus on learning, while common spaces gave a chance to rest, cope with stress and, above all, build shared memories for life.

Source: Report FinancesOnline Reviews for Bussiness „10 Student Housing Trends for 2021/2022”