Eclectic offices of the future. New Colors.

An explosion of styles, motifs and colors in one place, what might once have been considered inconsistent has now become a common practice for workspace design. Many companies are beginning to transform their offices into so-called eclectic spaces, where modern and traditional elements are combined in unique ways.

Eclecticism in the office also manifests itself in the form of playing with color. Why introduce color into a designed office space?

  1. studies show that vivid colors affect our emotions and can have a positive impact on stress levels, motivation, or concentration.
  2. Innovative and creative ideas for workspace design attract the attention of potential customers, as well as potential employees, and can help set a company apart from the competition.
  3. Interesting and colorful office design stimulates creativity and inspiration. It encourages one to feel at ease and thus to have more ideas.
  4. The use of colors that reflect the colors of the company's logo and other corporate identity elements reinforces and unifies the company's image.

That's why we introduce new colors to our well-known collections!
Go beyond the scheme, achieve harmony between functionality and style! Take advantage of Profim's colorful color palette!

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