ElliePro. Another step towards sustainable production.

- Changing consumer habits is extremely difficult, but also extremely important in the transition to the circular model of the economy - says Kara Pecknold, Executive Design Director and Global Lead for Sustainability at Frog, the German company which supports companies in the transition to a new, sustainable economic model.


At Profim, this is one of the most important challenges - to accompany our clients in changing their habits, always giving them a more environmentally friendly alternative.


One necessary action is to gradually phase out chromium as a finish on furniture components, because obtaining this element is harmful to both people and the environment.

What's with the chrome?

In the furniture industry, the most commonly used chromium is trivalent Cr (III) - considered a harmless substance, and hexavalent chromium Cr (VI) - highly toxic and carcinogenic. The greatest health and environmental complications occur during extraction and production, as workers are then exposed to inhalation of dust particles and contact with solutions and solids containing Cr (VI). Trivalent chromium is not considered toxic. However, the extraction of Cr (III) and Cr (VI) takes place in the same mines, so it cannot be considered as a "safe" alternative.

New premium look

Chrome is a durable and dazzlingly shiny material, associated with office chic. We know that it is difficult to give it up until an attractive alternative can be offered.

ElliePro based on V3 is our first product in which we offer you a new quality of premium look. Instead of the harmful chrome, meet the metallic, lacquered Metalsilver paint.

This alternative, like chrome, is scratch-resistant and shiny, due to the application of a clear, hardening layer at the end of the varnishing process.