Hybrid Reality

Today, there exists no single model of work, but rather a hybrid reality – says Martyna Tarnawska, Service Design Lead in the consulting company Socjomania in "Bussiness Insider". What is a hybrid? It is not only remote work, but: – flexibility in the choice of working time and place from which we perform professional duties – she adds.

Flexible offices

Modern office design assumes a high flexibility of useable space. There are also ways to adapt existing offices by, for example, changing fittings and furnishings to meet new functions and requirements.


- An interesting challenge for modern offices is working in a rotational system. For example, if a company has 100 employees, it only prepares 80 desks. Nobody has their own desk; they just book one online for a specific time. In addition, there are special soundproof booths, places to chillout, or multimedia corners.

Lockers have also become a regular feature in office spaces, where everyone can safely lock their belongings after a day’s work – says Piotr Jusiński, a partner at Akccept, which for many years has been supplying companies such as LOT or the Warsaw Stock Exchange with office furniture, and one of whose latest projects is the headquarters of the Warta Insurance Company in the Warsaw UNIT office building.

Warta and 1700 Profim chairs

The office has been designed in a modular way that allows easier rearrangement and adaptation to the changing needs of employees. Regardless of the nature of the tasks and projects being carried out, it will provide comfortable working conditions, conducive to creativity and effective cooperation and communication in times of hybrid work – says Dawid Korszeń, spokesman for Warta (source warta.pl) about the new headquarters.
Towards the end of 2021, the insurer took over 13 levels in Warsaw UNIT, a 45-storey office building in the centre of the capital. Through Akccept, the new offices were furnished with 1700 Profim Violle chairs. .

Intuitive chairs

A chair intended for a hybrid office work system must not only be healthy and ergonomic but must also "defend" itself against the user – says Piotr Jusiński.


For the new Warta offices, we proposed the Violle chair by Profim, because you can trust it. It is durable, aesthetically made and presents itself well, in addition to which it has a pictorial instruction manual and palpable markings to facilitate everyday use – he adds.

Violle is an exceptionally elegant line of Profim chairs, designed by ITO Design studio. It is distinguished by an aluminium backrest frame, which together with the armrests builds a body of interesting geometry.


The incorporated bottom of the seat adds elegance and makes it easier to operate: the user does not stray in search of buttons and levers for adjustment.

The smart yet light character of the Warta office interiors was further enhanced by another Profim model, a stool from the Chic line, designed by Christophe Pillet,. Appreciated for its "chic" and refined details, it possesses another important feature for a modern office: its delicate cross-section and compact form allow for easy manoeuvring and quick rearrangement according to the needs of the moment.
The hybrid model of work will stay with us for longer, which is why we need to learn how to function effectively in it – says Martyna Tarnawska. This applies to a large extent to places of work.
The challenge is not a simple one, because the new reality requires a novel approach, also when choosing furniture, including seats, which are the axis of a good workplace.