New reality. Make it a profit.


New or old office reality?

A return to normalcy, a transition to a new reality, or a retreat to what is long behind us? Will it be better or worse? Easier or harder? What will our offices be like? We know one thing - it will be different, but certainly GOOD. This is not a matter of excessive optimism, but of faith in our society's ability to adapt to new conditions and to creatively get out of any situation. The changes we are currently observing that seek to optimize office space are a process that began before the pandemic. The events of recent months have only accelerated this trend.

What matters now?

The leadership position will be gained by those who are quickest to adapt to the new requirements and, by doing so, increase their employees' sense of security and comfort.

Comfort of work

Employee safety is not only a matter of ensuring adequate (at least 1.5 meters) distance or limiting physical interactions, but also a concern for their mental health, emotional health and well-being. When people are afraid for their own health their ability to concentrate and their commitment are significantly reduced. A sense of belonging and identification with customers is also very important for employees. Systemic solutions will benefit when combined with attention to individual needs and work styles.

Remote work

We have found that we know how to work remotely. Let's take advantage of this and put it into our calendars to stay at home when possible. We will reduce office congestion and save time on commuting. Our environment will benefit too - CO2 emissions will improve significantly.


Provide employees with a variety of jobs so that they feel safe and at ease: mobility to quickly rearrange the workplace, flexibility to give the choice of working from home or the office, the ability to personalize the conditions for returning to the office (gradual returns).


A matter of course that should nevertheless be communicated. Take care of the cleanliness corners in your organization and inform your team about the legitimacy of their use. Security This is also a lesson for the future, to identify possible threats more quickly (creating protocols, future paradigms, predicting behavior).

Human interactions

Meetings maintain identification with the company, a healthy spirit, foster the exchange of ideas and creativity. Social distance Consider rotating/shifting work arrangements. In the office, ensure safe distances between workstations and that any common areas (corridors, conference rooms, cafeterias) are properly prepared and marked.


Use the advances in technology to grow your business. Thanks to programs and applications, we can hold efficient meetings while reducing travel and the frequency of face-to-face meetings. The time has come when we make sufficient use of technological advances, the creation of which required many sacrifices, including environmental ones. Now, so to speak, we are repaying our debt to the environment, thanks to the reduced amount of exhaust fumes we have pumped into the atmosphere when moving around so far.