Contemporary workplaces as collaborative hubs

In recent years, remote working has gained significant popularity, enabling employees to perform their duties outside the traditional office. While this flexibility has undeniable advantages, it also introduces new challenges in effective collaboration and communication. With fewer face-to-face interactions and increased reliance on various instant messaging services, misunderstandings can unfortunately arise, as we miss the nuances of body language and tone of voice, impacting the sense of belonging and integration into the company.

Meeting and Collaboration Spaces


To enhance productivity in hybrid offices, it is crucial to establish meeting spaces and cafeterias that foster collaboration and communication among team members and different teams. Our Nu chair is an ideal choice for meetings, offering not only an eye-catching minimalist design but, more importantly, excellent user comfort.


Team collaboration, complemented by Nu's aesthetics and multi-functionality, is a key element in the success of any organization.

The right spaces play a pivotal role in facilitating communication on various levels. Sharing ideas and effective collaboration stimulate creativity and innovation, leading to the creation of innovative solutions.

The Nu collection provides limitless possibilities for organizing such spaces. Apart from their functionality and timeless design, they are available in a variety of colors and finishes to suit the aesthetics of any office or commercial space.

Fostering a Meeting Culture

Creating friendly working environments is an integral aspect of organizational management, offering numerous benefits to both employees and the company.

Spaces that support integration and collaboration contribute to organizational culture by fostering an atmosphere of openness and trust. Our Nu compact seating is designed to perfectly fit spaces where people enjoy spending time in the company of others.