The classics in a refreshed look

People's height, body structure, and seating preferences vary. An adjustable office chair enables each user to tailor the chair to their specific needs.

Sitting for extended periods in an inadequately adjusted chair can lead to discomfort or pain in the back, neck, shoulder, or wrist. A comfortable workstation promotes concentration and focus.


Complexity in unity, simplicity in diversity

Prioritizing the comfort and health of employees signals a company's appreciation for its staff. This enhances the company's image in the eyes of both present and potential employees, as well as business partners and clients.

The chair that epitomizes these standards is the LightUp. Crafted by ITO Design for the Profim brand, it's a versatile, straightforward, and compact office chair. Its resilience, functionality, and affordability make it a favored choice among consumers.

Spinal Support for work comfort

What sets the LightUp chair apart?  


  • Lumbar support with adjustable height and depth.
  • Intuitive Synchro mechanism for easy use.
  • Broad, comfortable, and well-contoured seat.
  • Extensive selection of upholstery and frame colors.
  • Its aesthetic complements any office interior, while its adjustability accommodates any posture.

Experience minimalist and unique design at your fingertips

In an era where workplace ergonomics are increasingly recognized, investing in ergonomic and adjustable office chairs is not just modern, but also a testament to caring for your employees and having a long-term vision for your business. If you're in search of the ideal chair for yourself or your team, the LightUp model stands out — embodying design, functionality, and comfort in one package.