Turn On Your Om

– We know that without rest there can be no development and that peace of mind helps build a full life – write the creators of Gruo, a Polish clothing brand, in their manifesto. Profim is a furniture manufacturer with a 30-year history while Gruo is the young initiative of four creative people. What unites us? – creativity, being Polish, youth and energy.

Comfort awakens creativity

Gruo clothes are created using soft fabrics typically associated with tracksuits, while its designs are directly inspired by urban style. Chic appearance combined with comfort is a set in which we also believe in at Profim! We know all too well that real creativity is born when we have time to regenerate, which is why designers from the ITO Design studio, when designing ElliePro, combined the comfort of a home chair with the ergonomics and functionality of office furniture.

Details that are a comfort to touch and easy on the eye

The essence of life is in the detail, which is why we decided to focus on the detail in our clothes. Sometimes one small factor makes a big difference in comfort, usability and quality – say the creators of Gruo clothes. 
For Profim, the detail is in refined stitching, upholstery and pleasant shapes. We want to surround ourselves with well thought out products as they reach out to our senses on many levels.

Responsibility through durability 

– We like it when it is pleasant, but we also know what responsibility is – assure the creators of these clothes. As at Profim, so too at Gruo, one of the most important factors of environmental responsibility is the durability of the product. The longer the product stays in circulation, the better. Whilst producing new things, both companies intend for them to be long-term investments.

Only as much as is needed 

Custom-made clothes are a radical change in the clothing industry. However, at Profim we have known for years that products made to order mean no unnecessary, energy-consuming storage space and a guarantee that the product is an accurate and customised answer to the need. In addition, both companies produce locally, in Poland. This is very important not only for local communities, but also for the environment.
"Go Relax & Unlock Omm" is Gruo's encouragement slogan. We would add that it is worth looking for internal balance everywhere, including in the workplace.