Design By 
Pearson Lloyd
The Revo family includes sofas, tables, screens and pouffes in softly contoured, organic shapes. Each piece in the collection is lightweight and easily manoeuvrable – so when needs change, so does Revo.
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Collection features
  • Circular product – design for easy disassembly. All Revo components can be easily separated into their component materials, and returned to the manufacturing cycle, 
  • Created from recyclable REPP (recycled expanded polypropylene) instead of wood, 
  • Manufactured without glue or staples, 
  • Product weight reduced by 40%,
  • Each piece in the collection is lightweight and easily manoeuvrable,
  • Every stage of production – manufacture to shipping – is energy- and carbon-conscious,
  • The Revo collection range: 2 pouffes, 2 narrow sofas, 3 wide sofas, 3 backrests, 3 screens, 2 laptop tables, 2 coffee tables, 3 conference tables, – Available in 96 distinct modular configurations.
Technical specifications

Product version

B180 - Backrest -  wide 180 cm

Backrest elements 

Construction: top is made of REPP* material (recycled expanded polypropylene) with moulded foam, fully upholstered. Bottom of the seat made of plywood.

Partition walls can not appear as a free standing elements.

Foam density 65 kg/m3.

net weight

10 kg

gross weight

14 kg

* Recycled expanded polypropylene (REPP) is a highly versatile closed-cell bead foam that provides a unique range of properties, including outstanding energy absorption, multiple impact resistance, thermal insulation, buoyancy, water and chemical resistance, exceptionally high strength to weight ratio and 100% recyclability.

Product dimensions

Revo B180

Dimensions of other models in the collection:

Revo SW240 Revo SW180 Revo SW120 Revo SN210 Revo SN150 Revo P60 Revo P40 Revo B120 Revo B90 Revo W180 Revo W120 Revo W90

3D files
3D configurations

Endlessly configurable,
infinitely recyclable

Responding to the changing way we work and the urgent need for action on climate, our new modular seating collection sets new standards in both sustainability and versatility.