Conference rooms: How to arrange a space for business meetings?

The recent pandemic has changed the face of office spaces. Today, the conference room is not only a place to have important business conversations, but also a room suitable for quick teleconferences and more social meetings. How to arrange a practical and functional conference room to bring out its maximum potential?


Below are highlighted the 3 most important issues that are worth considering when designing a conference room.

The Table

Aficionados of both modern and classical conference room décor can choose from conference tables that are stylish and elegant whilst also functional and durable. In order to maintain a cohesive design throughout the office, we suggest choosing one collection offering a variety of table shapes and sizes. Revo is one such collection, comprising:


  • Conference tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Small side tables
Tables form the Revo collection can be freely mixed and matched to create unique solutions. Tabletop and frame colours can be selected during the design phase. The light form, precision of workmanship and quality of materials will allow such a table to stand the test of time.

Armchairs and conference chairs

Ergonomic and in line with the style of the conference room. They must provide comfort during a long meeting so that after its completion, participants do not complain of back pain. It is preferable for the seats to have basic adjustment functions and adapt to the user's weight as in the case of the TrilloPro model.

When choosing a product for a conference room, it is worth considering a rotating base or wheels to further enhance convenience of use.

Focusing on comfort doesn’t mean compromising on aesthetics. Two-tone upholstery and a choice of type and colour of base (ElliePro) are just some of the features of our conference room chairs. This allows you to personalize the design of the furniture, in order to inscribe it in the character of the room.
Companies whose activities are in line with ecological trends can invest in circular chairs (for example, the Normo model), thus emphasizing one of their ethical values. Such a green gesture would indicate commitment in front of potential contractors and employees!

Looking for a chair with stacking function?

In addition to circularity, Normo also offers functionality! Normo work and meeting chairs with a base on 4 legs or a skid can be easily stacked up to 5 pieces!

Conference room – more than just design!

A set of conference room furniture is just the beginning.
When creating an arrangement, you should also pay attention to:
A well-considered colour palette - subdued and classic colours are recommended so as not to distract our attention. Contrasting, bold ones should be used in the form of accents to give the space character and emphasize consistency with the brand.

Modern equipment - a large monitor, projector, and interactive whiteboard. In addition, a lot of sockets so that each of the participants of a meeting can easily connect a laptop and... a great internet connection, ensuring good transmission quality.