Green redesign meaning changes unseen

Are bestsellers worth making even better? Yes, if "better" means more responsibly.

Producing on a large scale, we feel responsible for the global ecosystem. That's why at Profim we are gradually changing old habits to new circular economy standards.
In addition to launching new circular designs such as Revo or Normo, for the review we are taking what is already a popular choice on the market for its aesthetics and functionality.
ElliePro is a model valued for its refined detail and sensuous shapes. Its form, designed by the ITO Design studio, is extremely distinctive and combines the comfort of a home chair with the ergonomics and functionality of an office furniture.
We tackled its interior with care and determination and made radical changes. Importantly, without affecting the external appearance and durability aspects of the of the bestselling armchair.

Plastic instead of plywood

Originally, the structure of the backrest and seat with armrests in ElliePro was made of plywood, a so-called virgin raw material.
In line with the circular economy (closed-loop economy), we replaced plywood with waste - a material that is already in circulation, and ElliePro's interior is made of durable, post-industrial plastic.

Recycled aluminum

Another change in ElliePro is the base. Now a days made of recycled aluminum.

Shiny alternative to chrome

The third important step is to get rid of the chrome, which we replaced with Metalsilver paint. This alternative metallic coating is environmentally and worker-friendly, and, like chrome, is shiny and scratch-resistant.


Here is ElliePro in a new look! The same, yet with a more beautiful interior.