How to Wisely Choose Furniture for the Education Sector

Selecting the appropriate furniture for the educational sector necessitates meticulous planning and considaration. The choices made impact the functionality, safety, and ambiance of spaces. To make informed decisions, it's worth to consider essential criteria that will guide the furniture selection process.

Comfort and Ergonomics: Whether it's chairs in auditoriums, libraries, dormitories, or seating in university corridors, prioritizing comfort and ergonomics is essential. Profim furniture is crafted with user comfort in mind, ensuring proper posture—vital for areas where individuals spend extended periods.


Durability and Cleanliness: The fabric choices by Profim guarantee superior hygiene and durability. Opt for high-quality upholstery and finishes, such as hydrophobic fabrics or easy-clean layers, to ensure longevity and ease of maintenance.

Aesthetics and Safety: Furniture isn't solely about utility; style significantly influences the room's vibe. Our diverse product range, with myriad textures and hues, ensures adaptability to any setting, all while maintaining a professional and inviting look. A robust, stable constraction and non-flammable components ensure user safety.


Flexibility and Consistency: Educational environments demand adaptability. This is where our modular furniture comes into play! Many collections include stylistically consistent chairs, armchairs, patches, and modular sofas. With stylistically harmonious options, these pieces can be swiftly reconfigured to meet evolving requirements.

Highlighting Functional and Aesthetically Pleasing Furniture

Normo for work and meetings


This is a multifunctional model suitable for libraries, workshops, and cafeterias, creating comfortable and stylistically appealing places for study and interaction.

It promises durability—essential for high-traffic areas like university lounges.

Customization allows it to reflect the interior's character, and its modern design invigorates any educational space.

Com chairs with HPL Finish: These chairs resist scratches and daily wear, pivotal for schools. The chair's frame can either match the seat's color or deviate for a more daring look. Their vibrant colors breathe life into any educational setting.


This versatile and compact chair was designed by ITO Design studio with it's functionalities it is sure to be appreciated by users with a variety of body types.


Looking to elevate your communal area? Explore the Revo collection - our modular set inspired by the "square of the circle". With a staggering 96 sofa configurations, including options with backrests and additional partitions, it's ideal for university foyers and dormitory shared spaces.

Between Extravagance and Classic


Mickey - multifunctional stool is a valuable addition in educational spaces, especially given its compatibility with high desks, making it apt for dynamic workspaces or rotating workspaces. Its color palette can be tailored to fit any room, adding sophistication.

The color scheme of the Mickey stool can be adapted to any room, adding elegance and style. Similarly, the Fan model impresses with its timeless design and flexibility. Regardless of the selected finish, both these models seamlessly enhance any environment.